Gurugram: Delay in RWA elections holds up civic upkeep

Gurugram: Delay in RWA elections holds up civic upkeep

GURUGRAM: The election process of several residents’ welfare association (RWA) in the city has been pending for months now and this has resulted in unsolved civic issues and mismanagement of day-to-day affairs in the colonies.

The residents of South City-2 and Sector 14 have been demanding an early election to constitute the RWA body for the welfare of the colonies. The residents pointed out that the delay in the election process has a huge bearing on the finances of the society. Residents of South City-2 said that though an administrator had been appointed in January and the returning officer in March this year by the district registrar, the election process hasn’t started yet.
Rakesh Yadav, former vice-president of South City-2 RWA said that the previous RWA was dissolved in December last year and yet there is no sign of election in the colony. “In the absence of an elected RWA, the residents continue to suffer. There are security concerns, pending civic issues, lack of hygiene maintenance during the pandemic and even issuance of ids for domestic maids are taking months which is causing a lot of inconvenience,” he said.
They added that the delay in election is also causing financial burden on them.
“The administrator was appointed in January and was supposed to hold election within three months, but he resigned in May without doing anything to initiate the election process. Now, the current administrator, who was appointed in June, is also not holding the election. It is adding to financial expenses on the society funds,” said Sushil Bakshi, a resident of South City-2.
Similarly, residents of Sector 14 are also awaiting the appointment of returning officers to form their RWA. The tenure of RWA Sector-14 expired in January 2020 and the district registrar formed an ad-hoc committee on February 20, to conduct the elections within three months.
“The previous RWA delayed the process by not handing over the charge to the ad-hoc committee which led to appointment of administrator in June. The sector is bearing the burden of expenses of administrator, which is Rs 35,000 per month since June 2020,” said Kalyan Singh Sharma, a resident.
He added that as of now the post of the district registrar is vacant for more than two months, so there is no one to appoint the returning officer to conduct the election here. “It is ridiculous that the State Registrar being aware of all these developments is sitting over the issue and not taking any action which has grave concern for residents,” Sharma said.
While, the administrator of South City-2 said that there are several discrepancies in the membership list and requisite Form-X is also not available, the administrator of Sector 14, (Retd) Col Sant Pal has already written to the district registrar to appoint a returning officer. Rajeev Nakra, administrator of South City-2, said, “Neither the membership list has been updated nor is the requisite Form-X available. I have written to the office of district registrar and sought guidelines on the same and will then act accordingly.”

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