Gurugram: MCG orders DLF-1 drain work, Sahara objects

Gurugram: MCG orders DLF-1 drain work, Sahara objects

Residents expressed concern that waterlogging may lead to unhygienic conditions

GURUGRAM: Residents in DLF-1, who were waiting for a proper drainage system since years, are caught in a tussle between builders and the authorities. Ahead of the rainy season, they are now worried they would face issues of waterlogging again.
On June 13, the MCG had directed the Sahara mall management to hand over an area measuring 6m by 220m to DLF for laying of sewer lines from A block to the MG Road main line within four weeks. The order said that till the drainage system gets connected to the main line, it would be the DLF’s responsibility to ensure that there is no flooding in the Sahara Mall area, and that DLF will restore any damage done in Sahara Mall premises due to laying of the line and restore it to its original condition.
A day after the site was barricaded, work came to a halt. Sources said the Sahara Mall management was not ready to give the land for the construction of drain. The residents alleged lack of coordination between DLF and the Sahara mall management.
RS Rathee, councillor of ward 34, said he drew the plan for construction of A-block drainage outlets on the vacant area behind Sahara Mall and joining it to the Huda master lines on MG Road.
“The same plan was approved by MCG. While DLF is not prepared to bear the cost, Sahara Mall is not permitting these drains to be constructed,” he said.
Residents expressed concern that waterlogging may lead to unhygienic conditions. Poonam Jain, who lives in A-block, said people have been suffering for many years but authorities haven’t been able to resolve the issue.
DLF had earlier devised the idea of a septic tank and carrying out reverse drainage by pumping the rainwater and sewage up the incline to the master drains on the 60-metre Master Road near Mega Mall, but it was not successful in checking waterlogging.
TOI tried to reach DLF executive director Sekhar Basu but there was no response. Sunil Yadav, in charge of Sahara Mall, could not be reached either.

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