Independence Day sees morning cycling and running events return to Gurgaon

Independence Day sees morning cycling and running events return to Gurgaon

The fitness community of Gurgaon celebrated Independence Day by leaving behind five barren months of inactivity. Gurgaon routinely sees runs, triathlons, and cycling rides every weekend and is known as a hub of fitness activities in NCR. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, all such activities had been suspended. A start was made on August 15 in the form of city-based groups organising events, runs, and rides. August 15 marked the first busy weekend for Gurgaon’s fitness community since March.
Organisers of most events limited participation to ensure social distancing and one even allowed participants multiple routes. City-based athlete Mihika Wahi Gupta, who organised the Freedom Duathlon, says, “We wanted to celebrate the freedom we have been given after months of restriction but in a responsible manner. Hence, we decided to do the event but in a manner where no rules or guidelines were flouted. There were over 600 participants but they started from various flag-off points across the city at different times.”

After months, Gurgaon-based groups organised events, runs and rides

Another event, Century Ride to Freedom, saw cyclists and members of city-based Gurgaon Road Runners ride as a group from Gurgaon to Delhi and back. Siddharth Choudhary, the group’s founder, tells us, “We did not have any events during the lockdown and only resumed training last month. This event was not a race. It was a group ride, a way to get the cycling community together and ride together, celebrating this freedom. We rode 100 km and everyone rode together, as one group.”

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