Two teen brothers drown in NCR canal

Two teen brothers drown in NCR canal

GURUGRAM: Two teenage brothers drowned in the NCR water canal in Chandu Budhera village on Saturday morning, police said.
The teenagers along with two other youths had gone for a morning walk and decided to clean themselves up in the canal water when one of them slipped towrads the deep end of the waterbody.

Meanwhile, the other brother jumped into the water in an attempt to save him and drowned.
According to the police, 14-year-old Sandeep, his 19-year-old brother Mandeep, along with their father Rajesh came to the village four days ago for some construction-related work. Police said, they had received a contract for POP (plaster of Paris) work at a newly constructed building in the area, the cops added.
On Saturday morning, Sandeep and Mandeep along with two other youths went for a walk in the early hours. They were cleaning themselves up in the canal water when Sandeep slipped and fell. Upon realising, Mandeep too jumped in the canal trying to save his brother. He drowned. According to the cops, none of the brothers knew how to swim.
After the incident, the youths who had accompanied the brothers alerted police and nearby villagers.
A police team, along with the fire brigade officials, rushed to the spot. They managed to recover both their bodies in two-and-a-half hours. “The bodies were handed over to their family after a post-mortem was conducted,” said police spokesperson Subhash Boken.
There have been several similar accidents in the area in the past. In July 2019, 28-year-old Tilak Raj drowned in the NCR water canal in Dhankot. Raj and three of his friends had gone swimming in the canal water when he slipped into the water.
On June 1 that year, a Class 11 student — Shashi Kant (17) — along with six of his friends had gone to Dhankot canal for a swim. He drowned while trying to save his friend who had slipped into the water.
Around 12pm that day, the seven friends decided to go to the canal for a swim. One of the boys, Monu, got into the canal and suddenly slipped into the deeper end. Seeing Monu gasping for breath, Shashi Kant jumped into the water and tried to help Monu. While Monu survived, Sashi Kant drowned.

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